Days Gone By: Onslaught II

Days Gone By: Onslaught II

Series: Onslaught, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Past, Superhero Teams, Urban
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About the Book

The Onslaught continues…

Episode 2: Days Gone By

In New York, former superheroes are busy trying to create new lives for themselves. Will some of them find it difficult to move on from all they have known?

In the meantime, new heroes have emerged, and they are busy training for a master whose motives are very much unknown. What are the motives and where will it take the new heroes?

In New Orleans, a 22-year-old tech billionaire prepares for an alien invasion that only she can see coming. Will she be able to warn others in time?

Onslaught II is the introduction of the terrestrial side of the saga that will forever change Earth and reveal its hidden history and mankind’s true past.

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