Deus Ex Machina (Identity Crisis Universe Book 3)

Deus Ex Machina (Identity Crisis Universe Book 3)
Series: Identity Crisis Universe, Book 3

n international supervillain summit. Androids, clones, and the Russian mob. And the martinis? Shaken, not stirred…

Luke’s superhero career got off to a rocky start, but he is well on his way now. Thanks to the Kansas Incident, the world now knows his masked face—for better or worse. He has finally reached his dream of heroic superstardom as a member of the new Phenomenal Five.

But the Five are not exactly heroes anymore. They have followed the path of Spitball’s mentor and become underground saviors, wanted by the law and hated by the government they exposed as corrupt.

Even so, that doesn’t make them the bad guys now, does it?

Miracle Worker has been invited to a secret meeting of supervillains, returning to the sinister circles where he was once known. Disguised as his young apprentice, Spitball’s mission is to discover the meaning behind the convention’s cryptic theme: God from the Machine.

And get out alive. If he can.

Grab your super-suit and your armored tuxedo because perilous mystery, casino intrigue, and world domination await! DXM combines the comic book action of Spider-Man, Watchmen, and The Avengers with James Bond secret agent adventure.

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