Dimensions (The Young Neos Book 4)

Dimensions (The Young Neos Book 4)
Series: The Young Neos, Book 5

Sixteen-year-old Treehugger is looking forward to visiting the newly opened school for young superhumans along with her teammates. In particular, she’s been looking forward to seeing a particularly handsome young superhero who she’s had a crush on for a long time, though her feelings for him are also mixed with anxiety at the idea of actually talking to him.

But when Treehugger is kidnapped by members of an interdimensional agency, she soon discovers a new threat from beyond the universe which seeks to not only capture her for its own nefarious purposes, but also destroy the Earth itself.

Now Treehugger must return to Earth to warn the rest of humanity of the coming threat, but to do so, she must travel across dimensions and face threats that defy belief. And if she fails, then the world will be destroyed.

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