Doomsday Duet (New Olympus Saga Book 2)

Doomsday Duet (New Olympus Saga Book 2)
Series: New Olympus Saga, Book 2
Published: 2014

“Even better than the first one, which I enjoyed a hell of a lot. Boffo superhero action, metaphysical speculation, and — much rarer — real character development…. I will be following this series to the end, and advise others to do so too!”
– S.M. Stirling, Best-Selling Author of the Change Series

In the sequel to Armageddon Girl, Christine Dark and Face-Off must face their inner demons while they try to save Earth Alpha, a world where superheroes are real and danger is everywhere. Can a former gamer chick endowed with cosmic powers and a murderous vigilante deal with their differences – and their growing attraction for one another – and escape the shadowy forces hunting them?

Meanwhile, Ultimate the Invincible Man finds himself a wanted man, persecuted by his former colleagues; Condor and Kestrel fight for justice while indulging their twisted sexual desires; and Cassius Jones, the hero known as Janus, reveals the terrible things he discovered during his exodus in outer space.

Filled with action, adventure and romance, Doomsday Duet continues to explore a world filled with superhuman beings with all too human failings.

(NOTE: Contains violence, sexual content and adult language)

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