DR. Z: A Superhero Romance (Heartthrob Heroes Book 2)

DR. Z: A Superhero Romance (Heartthrob Heroes Book 2)
Series: Heartthrob Heroes, Book 2

Superhero Dr. Z doesn’t know if he wants to kiss his new partner, or toss him in the Mississippi River.

After a freak accident gives Mike Zankowski powerful abilities, he’s invited to join St. Louis’s new superhero team. He’s partnered with Stardust, a man so beautiful Mike would give anything to touch his shimmering, moon-kissed skin. However, Mike is determined to keep their relationship professional, so he keeps his attraction to himself. But one night, in an unguarded moment, he reveals his secret desire – he wants to submit to the sultry, raven-haired hero.

As the city’s most popular exotic dancer, Aiden Saliette can have any man he wants panting at his feet with one sensuous roll of his hips. That is, any man except for his new crime-fighting partner. Mr. Rock-Hard Pecs doesn’t respond to any of his teasing or flirting so Aiden nearly dismisses him as an all work and no play stick-in-the-mud. But something about the quiet hero convinces him to look past the stiff exterior, where he discovers a scarred, vulnerable man who wants to be loved… and dominated. Aiden is tempted to take control and claim the gentle giant as his submissive, but his own fears hold him back.

As partners united against villains and foes, Dr. Z and Stardust are a powerful team that can’t be beat. As lovers, they’ll have to work through layers of hurt and mistrust in order to find their way to a relationship that gives them both what they desperately need.

DR. Z is Book Two in a steamy superhero romance series. It has post-battle kisses, evil villains, and an emotionally satisfying Happily Ever After. Fans of comics and movies who want to see their favorite heroes kiss will love this series!

  • Opposites Attract
  • Fiery Smol/Gentle Tol
  • Battle Couple
  • Scarred Hero
  • Office Romance
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