Emergence (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 1)

Emergence (The Darby Shaw Chronicles Book 1)
Series: The Darby Shaw Chronicles, Book 1
Published: 2014

What if…

Murder victims didn’t have to die?

The identity of a killer could be 100% certain, regardless of the evidence?

The one person who would do this was a cop, with law and justice first in her mind?

When Darby Shaw’s calm world is turned upside down, she wonders how her new abilities to bring the dead back to life will affect her life’s desire to become a detective. But being a detective–for homicide, no less–is the least of her worries when the agency in charge of monitoring superhumans takes a heightened interest in her one-of-a-kind abilities.

What if…murder doesn’t have to mean forever?

Emergence is a part of The Darby Shaw Chronicles Box Set, also featuring books two and three, Retaliation and Capitulation, as well as a bonus short story. Find it here: bit.ly/AmazonBox1 .

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