Empowered: Outlaw (The Empowered Book 3)

Empowered: Outlaw (The Empowered Book 3)
Series: Empowered, Book 3
Published: 2017

The world believes only a few can possess superpowers, but what if that’s a lie?

Mathilda Brandt, one of the rare Empowered, has just learned her missing sister is also one. Even more shocking, Mat’s sister belongs to a hidden cult that believes anyone can possess a superpower, in defiance of everything known about the Empowered. If the authorities discover the cult’s whereabouts, they will destroy it and imprison its members.

Mat must find her sister first, but learning her secrets could tear their family apart, and shatter the world forever.

Empowered: Outlaw is the third novel in The Empowered series.

The Empowered series reading order

Book 0  Renegade
Book 1  Empowered: Agent
Book 2  Empowered: Traitor
Book 3  Empowered: Outlaw
Book 4  Empowered: Rebel
 (coming February 2018)

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