Empowered: Rebel (The Empowered Book 4)

Empowered: Rebel (The Empowered Book 4)
Series: Empowered, Book 4
Published: 2018

What do you do when a conspiracy suppresses super powers?

Mathilda Brandt fights to keep her fellow Empowered friends and the Imbued refugees from Sanctuary alive and safe. Environmental disasters are ravaging the world. Her former master, the secretive government agency known as Support, hunts her and the other rogue Empowered and Imbued across the world, seeking to capture or kill them. Only the strange Dark-Net, an extra-dimensional road, keeps Mat and her friends free.

Mat is also desperate to find her mother, who until a few months ago Mat thought was dead. Her mother’s fate is somehow intertwined with the people hunting her, and Mat wants to learn how.

When the Dark-Net begins to fail, Mat realizes she’ll have to do the last thing she ever wanted to do: lead a desperate rebellion to save her mother and free the world.

The Empowered series reading order
Book 0 Renegade
Book 1 Empowered: Agent
Book 2 Empowered: Traitor
Book 3 Empowered: Outlaw
Book 4 Empowered: Rebel

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