Empowered: Traitor (The Empowered Series Book 2)

Empowered: Traitor (The Empowered Series Book 2)
Series: Empowered, Book 2
Published: 2017

I am supposed to destroy the Scourge, but the alien song of artificial life threatens the Earth.

I infiltrated the world’s most dangerous Empowered criminal group, the Scourge, and stopped a psychopath from destroying a city. Now, the secretive government agency I work for wants me to help them destroy the Scourge. The Scourge wants to free humanity from the tyranny of the Hero Council.

My grandmother’s life depends on me continuing my mission. But, I uncover manmade plant monsters, and people who have been turned into horrors as part of an evil experiment. An experiment which threatens all life. An experiment the people I work for ignore. They want me to continue their plan of destroying the Scourge from within. Stay in the shadows, they tell me.

I may work in the shadows, but I’m not going to sit by and watch the world be secretly destroyed.

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