Execute: A Scifi Progression Fantasy Series

Execute: A Scifi Progression Fantasy Series
Series: Mod Superhero, Book 2

No one said being a superhero would be easy.

Emmett, now embracing his new cyborg identity, continues to search for the truth behind the attack that nearly claimed his life. Haunted by the brutal memories, Emmett delves deeper into the shadows of Belport city. He’s resourceful and determined, and he’ll stop at nothing to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, the break-in at Gnosis has even more mutagen variants flooding the streets. New supers threaten to overrun the city’s capes and masks. Emmett and Clara will need all the help they can get to track down the villains responsible.

Athena proves to be a powerful ally, but she’s shrouded in a mysterious past… McGuire is quirky with dozens of tricks hidden up his sleeves…

But even together, they might not be enough—

Because at the center of it all is Emmett’s rival, a mysterious and immensely strong Class 3 super. And he might just be involved in the mutagen variants and in the accident that made Emmett a super.

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