Failstate: Nemesis

Failstate: Nemesis
Series: Failstate Trilogy, Book 3

“Abaddon will destroy you all!”

Robin Laughlin (aka the superhero Failstate) has finally achieved his dream. Not only is he a licensed vigilante, but he’s respected by his fellow heroes, feared by criminals, and he’s finally achieved peace in his family, especially with his brother, Ben (aka the superhero Gauntlet). That, plus the love of his girlfriend, Charlene, has made life good.

But then Failstate learns a secret about his father. Rather than the loving family man he remembers, Failstate’s father was a criminal who got himself killed when he crossed the wrong people. Before he can process this new information, he receives a warning that a villain named Abaddon is coming to New Chayton. The message is all the more disturbing since it’s delivered by Lux. She died in Failstate’s arms a year earlier. How can she possibly be alive?

Those mysteries will have to wait, though, as Abaddon storms New Chayton, strewing death and destruction in his wake. But he’s not the only newcomer. Unusual heroes are appearing throughout the city.

Can Failstate get to the bottom of the reappearance of Lux, the influx of new heroes, and truth behind his father’s past—all while keeping Abaddon at bay? Abaddon may prove Failstate’s greatest nemesis. But what will Failstate have to sacrifice along the way?

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