Fake Hero: A Superhero Comedy Adventure (Fake Superhero Book 1)

Fake Hero: A Superhero Comedy Adventure (Fake Superhero Book 1)
Series: Fake Superhero, Book 1

Fake superheroes. Real comedy.

Doctor Mind has it made. Having spent the last three years using a combination of alien technology and clever stage magic to fool the people of Freedom City into thinking he’s a legitimate superhero (including hiring his failed actor brother to play his supervillains), Doctor Mind thinks he’s set for life.

Until a real supervillain, the dangerous but quirky Death Skull the Murderer, shows up and threatens to destroy the entire city in a month unless Doctor Mind defeats him in a fight.

Ostracized from the mainstream superhero community for his scammy business, Doctor Mind must recruit and train a team of superhero rejects—including a Canadian lumberjack with a personal vendetta against trees, a washed-out ex-sidekick who looks like a baby despite being an adult, and a woman with more brawn than brains—to become real superheroes and save his city from Death Skull.

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