Fallout (The EVOREALM Book 2)

Fallout (The EVOREALM Book 2)
Series: The Evorealm, Book 2

After spending eight months in a coma, Eddie Solomon wakes up to find he’s not the only one gifted with super powers. In the fallout of the Eoch and Thiar war, a strange radiation covers the planet and gives a small percentage of the world’s population powers beyond imagination. These people are called Evos.

Now, as The Guardian, Eddie has a new role to play. Working alongside Cloak and Dagger and his friend, Blair, he must navigate this new and dangerous world. While most of those with powers seek to live ordinary lives, some evos are using their abilities to protect the innocent and others seek out more power and domination. And one wants all evos wiped out, along with Eddie and C&D.

This new villain will push Eddie to his breaking point, but he won’t be alone. A group of young evos will come together to help Eddie and together they will face down this evil and try to stop it before it can carry out its horrible plan. Plus, Eddie’s brother, Lester, resurfaces with a malevolent plan of his own. Can Eddie survive two villains or will they take him down The Guardian and his team.

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