Femmes Fatale

Femmes Fatale
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Series: Femmes Fatale, Book 1

This woman hurt Jaccob, and she’s Lady f***ing Vengeance.

Vivienne Cain has come to Cobalt City for one reason and one reason only: to confront the villainous sorceress who broke her friend’s heart. Getting hired by said villain to purge her shiny skyscraper of an invading demon was not on her agenda, especially not given her messy past with possession.

Nor did she anticipate exactly how hard it would be to resist a redhead bombshell in a green silk dress…

The other other woman…?

Of course Ruby Killingsworth is ready for her once-flame Jaccob “Stardust” Stevens’s dangerous goth booty call. But she isn’t prepared for exactly how good she looks in leather, nor for the demon that has made her tower its new feeding ground.

If she’s going to get her tower and her empire back, she’ll have to make a deal with Lady Vengeance, one that involves both business and pleasure…

Self destruction be damned… she wants this.

It will take every ounce of knowledge, skill, magic, and trust the two can conjure to defeat their supernatural adversaries and save Cobalt City, the world, and each other.

Femmes Fatale is the sexy, sapphic story of two women battling their demons, both within and without.

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