Fire & Ice (The Heroes of High Tide Book 2)

Fire & Ice (The Heroes of High Tide Book 2)
Series: The Heroes of High Tide, Book 2

For this superhero, nothing’s fair in love and war.

The mob war was going so well until Colleen’s brother showed up with an icy ultimatum: Leave High Tide to him or suffer the consequences.

Throw in a little forbidden romance with the cop who’s trying to bring the vigilante down and Colleen is having a very bad week.

Little does she know that it’s about to get a lot worse.

When federal agents descend on her home to capture the vigilante and her super powered brother, it’s the innocent that get caught in the cross fire. To stop the agents and save those she loves, Colleen will have to make a terrible sacrifice.

If superheroes and lesbian romance is your preferred poison, suit up and get your copy of the second book in The Heroes of High Tide series today!

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