First Movie (Capes & Masks Book 4)

First Movie (Capes & Masks Book 4)
Series: Capes & Masks, Book 4

After the biggest prison breakout of the century, Alex Fry (Beams) and Rubberman struggle to stay on top of a new criminal organization, the Dark Collective. Led by the charismatic Three Fingers, the Dark Collective’s unique form of organized crime leaves the two heroes overwhelmed.

The Dark Collective may be the least of their worries, however. King Xero, leader of the Zero Knights, is leading an army of Zero Knights to Golden City with the intent of razing the city to the ground. And this time, King Xero plans to make sure that Beams can’t stop his plans.

To defeat the Zero Knights and protect Golden City, Beams must ally with a lesser evil in the form of the Dark Collective. Yet even the might of the Dark Collective cannot protect Beams from the dark secret King Xero holds, a dark secret connecting Beams to King Xero in a way Beams can’t even imagine.

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