Flight (Ordinary^Super Book 1)

Flight (Ordinary^Super Book 1)
About the Book

One woman with the power to change the world. A powerful Alliance willing to kill. Olivia is fighting for the future.

When she learns to fly, Olivia can think of nothing beyond sharing her discovery with the world. But suddenly she’s a fugitive, and between dodging federal agents and Alliance assassins, she fears she may never get the chance to prove herself.

If she’s going to survive, she’ll need help. But everyone she meets becomes a target. She’s willing to risk her own life, but can she ask others to do the same? Can she survive long enough to save her friends and change humanity’s future?

Flight is the first novel in Ordinary^Super, a visionary fiction series by K.G. Ring. If you’re into cutting-edge science, applied spirituality, and martial art action, then you’ll love this singular new adventure.

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Series: Ordinary^Super, Book 1
Genre: Action & Adventure
Tags: Near Future, No Spandex, Urban
ASIN: B09S6R251P
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