Flint and Steel (Just Cause Universe Book 22)

Flint and Steel (Just Cause Universe Book 22)
Series: Just Cause Universe, Book 22


When Ava Zhang washes out of Just Cause Chicago, she figures her career as a superhero is over. Then she gets the opportunity to partner with experienced hero Detroit Steel, and the two of them work to halt the distribution of a dangerous new designer drug called Wool. And once again, everything goes wrong.

Ava is accidentally dosed with Wool and her ensuing loss of control results in major damage to an urban farm, and sends a young farmer to the hospital with injuries she caused. When she goes to apologize, she discovers she’s attracted to him. But he may be involved in the creation and distribution of Wool, and Ava has to set aside her feelings in order to track down the supply chain.

When she discovers the truth no one could have predicted, it will cause even more death and tragedy if Ava can’t find a way to stop it.

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