Forgotten Monsters

Forgotten Monsters
Series: Forgotten Monsters, Book 1

The power she felt. Her control. She wanted to hold onto it, but she had to forget it.”

One frigid, winter evening Marissa Summers saved someone’s life. She’d used her secret telekinetic abilities to stop a robbery in a park and – lucky her – someone recorded it. Footage from the incident went viral. Though she did her best to conceal her identity by wrapping a scarf around her face, she was easily recognized by the one person she’s evaded for years: her abusive mother, Claire.

Claire makes Marissa an offer too good to refuse – she can bury the growing story and prevent Marissa’s identity from being revealed. While Claire says she has her daughter’s best interests at heart, Marissa soon discovers that her mother’s lies and secrets are far more insidious than she could have ever imagined.

The worst part? No matter how much power Marissa has, it becomes obvious that Claire can still get Marissa under her control with just a few manipulative words.

With her freedom on the line, Marissa must confront her mother, inciting a battle she never wanted to be a part of. Will she find the strength to overcome her past once and for all or will she remain entrapped in the snare of the very person she spent her life fleeing from?

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