Frameup: A LitRPG Superhero Adventure (VR Hero Book 3)

Frameup: A LitRPG Superhero Adventure (VR Hero Book 3)
Series: VR Hero, Book 3

Clear his name. Save the band.

An awesome Digitals concert ends in disaster when Jumpeteer, one of Busker Burn’s bandmates, viciously insults their fans on stage, earning himself a permanent ban from Capes Online. The angered fans are still out for blood, however, prompting Busker’s manager to urge Busker to issue a public apology and kick Jump out of the band entirely.

But Busker discovers that Jump was framed by criminal account hackers. Even worse, these account hackers appear to be connected to a Digitus splinter sect known as the Resurrectionists. Led by the deranged Sister_Peace, the Resurrectionists have one goal: To resurrect Paradox, the living glitch who Busker had helped destroy months ago, and take over Capes Online itself.

Now Busker has just two days to delve deep into the criminal underworld of Capes Online to clear Jump’s name, save the band, and stop Paradox’s impending resurrection.

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