Fredrika (Cloned Evil Book 1)

Fredrika (Cloned Evil Book 1)

Series: Cloned Evil, Book 1
Genre: Anti-Hero
Tags: Female Lead, LGBT+, Urban
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About the Book

It would be a lot easier to break into the assassination game if her targets stayed dead.

If she wanted her own money, Red knew she would have to start getting her own jobs. With her peculiar accent, it was hard to get people to take her seriously, but a job falls into her lap. With Bea’s help, she’s easily able to get it done.

Before Red can collect her pay, her estranged superhero sister, Gigi, comes back into her life desperate for help. She’s been seeing ghosts and, when she brings Red’s first target back to life, Red is not sure if helping Gigi is worth the trouble she brings with her.

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