Friday Night Frights (The Pantheon Saga)

Friday Night Frights (The Pantheon Saga)
Series: The Pantheon Saga, Book 1.5
Published: 2019

Reality can bite. But Halloween can kill…

On the one-year anniversary of his father’s death, Hugo had zero Halloween plans beyond staying at home and playing videogames. But at the insistence of concerned friends, he reluctantly attends a throwback-themed costume party.

But the fun Halloween bash ends in chaos when two of Hugo’s classmates are found with mysterious injuries while a third goes missing. Now Hugo must locate the dark forces behind these attacks before “horrors beyond imagination” are unleashed upon an unsuspecting San Miguel.

That is, if he survives the night.

FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS is a 27,000-word novella taking place during the events of Monsters Among Men.

Also included, “A Learning Experience,” a 5,900-word short story taking place right after Monsters Among Men.

WARNING: This novel contains cursing, fangs and supernatural shenanigans. If cursing, fangs and supernatural shenanigans triggers the hell out of you, this novella might not be for you.

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