Generation M: The New Millennium (Generation M Series Book 2)

Generation M: The New Millennium (Generation M Series Book 2)
Series: Generation M, Book 2

New Year’s Eve was supposed to be a time for celebration…

Kara Gray finally learned she wasn’t alone when she met Andrew, a person with special abilities like herself. And she believed she could handle any challenge that came her way, but when Andrew pushed her away, Kara began to doubt herself, her abilities, and her relationship with Andrew.

For Andrew Wright, New Year’s Eve was bittersweet. On one side, he received his very first kiss from Kara. On the other side, his confrontation with Chet Pierce, the man responsible for the brutal attack on Andrew’s foster sister, caused matters to be further complicated when Officer Cooper arrived at his home to question him about the accident on New Year’s Eve. Andrew soon realizes that Officer Cooper might know more than she’s admitting.

Kara and Andrew must come together to overcome a hidden threat. One that could lead to unforeseen disaster in “The New Millennium”.

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