Georgina (Cloned Evil Book 2)

Georgina (Cloned Evil Book 2)

Series: Cloned Evil, Book 2
Genre: Anti-Hero
Tags: Female Lead, LGBT+, Urban
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About the Book

No one ever made you raise the dead. The dead can only ask nicely. Or not so nicely.”

Gigi’s ghost problem has only gotten worse. The death of her biological father turned her magic evil, and the spirits won’t leave her alone. Worse, she accidentally teleported to the United States, where the punishment for wrongdoing may result in death at the hands of US heroes.

Her only hope to return home is to rely on her villainous sisters who have no qualms about using any underhanded means they have at their disposal. If Gigi uses her magic, she’ll expose just how dark it’s become—and she knows better than most that no one with dark magic can be allowed to remain free.

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