Getting Off Easy: A MM Thunder Falls Short Story

Getting Off Easy: A MM Thunder Falls Short Story
Series: Thunder Falls, Book 0

What do you say when your straight best friend asks you to follow him to the shower?

I never expected Reese to be vulnerable with me. Normally he’s in hard-ass trainer mode, pushing me to finish my bulk-up in time for rugby season, but one night at closing time, Reese tells me a big secret.

He maybe, kinda, sorta gives off pheromones. Pheromones?! At first I think it’s a joke, but he insists that it’s true, and then he begs me to help him control them. I know he’s serious when he asks me to experiment in the showers – for verification purposes, of course! I’ll be his personal guinea pig. There’s just one massive problem.

I’ve had a secret crush on Reese for years. Not only am I ready and willing, but if the pheromones are real, it will take every ounce of strength within me to keep my hands off the man. I didn’t think that Reese was into guys, but still, I’ve gotta give him a helping hand. Reese won’t let me say no, and I desperately want to say yes! But will this throw a wrench into our friendship?

Getting Off Easy is an 8K M/M short story, complete with a small Maine town, a steamy gym shower, friends to lovers, pesky pheromones, competing friends, and a HFN ending. This is a prequel to the Thunder Falls Series.

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