Gifted: Missing: (Gifted Series Book 5)

Gifted: Missing: (Gifted Series Book 5)
Series: Gifted, Book 5

She believed the fight was over. But drama, abductions, and ugly crime rings are dragging her into an inevitable epic battle.

Rebecca Stevens’ nerves are rattling. With her arch-enemy out of the picture, the timid girl is still not sure where she fits in back at high school. But when she’s suspended for unleashing her powers to escape a bully, the all-too-familiar chaos amplifies after she learns her adopted sister has been kidnapped.

Determined to use her abilities to bring her sibling home, Rebecca’s frustrated when her mentor denies the involvement of any Gifted and tells her to keep her nose out of the investigation. But the driven teen ignores orders and soon discovers human traffickers, another disappearance, and her own troubles spilling into a semester of mayhem.

Can Rebecca unmask the abductors before a sinister cabal claims more victims?

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