Gloom: Fog of War

Gloom: Fog of War
Series: GLOOM, Book 2
Published: 2014

The GLOOM saga continues in book two, Fog of War.

Frank Sorino, wealthy businessman and crime-lord, sets his sights on fully controlling Detroit. At his command, violent gangs begin terrorizing the city as he takes control of the police department with his robotic drones. Knowing Gloom is the only one who could stand in his way, he offers a bounty to his best men, hoping to take the vigilante out once and for all.

With Detroit a battleground, a violent psychopath emerges to collect the bounty on Gloom, sidetracking his plans to finally dethrone Sorino once and for all.

Everything is at stake in this high-octane continuation of the GLOOM saga. Taking place immediately after the first novel, Fog of War delivers a frantic, page-turning experience that will leave you begging for more.

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