Series: GLOOM, Book 1
Published: 2014

When former Marine and police officer, Brock Ellison, returns to Detroit, he doesn’t recognize the city. Overrun with crime, corruption, and gangs; Detroit has become a cesspool of violence. Deciding to do something about it, Brock dons the identity of GLOOM and sets out to rid the city of crime and offer the citizens hope.

As his mission gets underway, he soon finds himself waging a one-man war against renowned businessman and crime-lord, Frank Sorino. As the bullets fly and the battle rages on, Gloom realizes he may be in over his head, and fighting the corrupt long arm of Frank Sorino may be more than he bargained for.

GLOOM is the first in a series of superhero fiction novels by author Stephen J. Semones. This book tells the origin story of GLOOM and sets the stage for everything to come.

If you like superheroes, action, and adventure; this book is definitely for you.

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