Gluttony: A Genetically Modified, Fated Mate Romance (The Deadly Seven Book 5)

Gluttony: A Genetically Modified, Fated Mate Romance (The Deadly Seven Book 5)
Series: The Deadly Seven, Book 5

To protect the world, genetically modified heroes must find a lifemate or become the deadly sin they are destined to destroy. Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Tony Lazarus is a man who seems to have everything. Money, fame, movie-star good looks, women… but appearances can be deceiving. Behind the million-dollar smile is a hero losing his battle against the sin he’s supposed to have complete control over. Instead of fighting to keep the city safe, alcohol and drugs are his life until a chance encounter places him at the wrong end of sassy security agent’s ire.

It’s enough to shake sense into him, but now he has a new addiction, and her name is Bailey Haze. She is his lifemate, ex CIA and she wants nothing to do with him. He represents everything she’s been fighting to overcome her entire life – he’s cocky, smug, and entitled.

When a Syndicate failed experiment terrorizes Cardinal City, the two must work together. As their fates become forever entwined, and desire ignites between them, can they forget about their prejudices and join forces? Or will their inner demons dig a grave they can’t hope to get out of alive?


Paranormal Romance meets The Avengers in this epic series where the heroes are as deadly as the sins they’re destined to destory. Full of steamy romance for adults, fated mates, band of warriors, alpha heroes and strong heroines. If you love superhero shows, but want more romance, this is for you.

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