Gluttony (Make Your Own Supervillain Book 1)

Gluttony (Make Your Own Supervillain Book 1)
Series: Make Your Own Supervillain, Book 1

A teenager, a sketchbook, and a monster …

Choctaw teenager Toby Miller has a sensible post-high school career path:

World-famous multimillionaire comic book artist. Duh.

A fateful encounter with a meteor behind his apartment complex, however, transforms Toby into the superhero Wyldfyre. That same meteor also brings seven deadly supervillains to life straight from the pages of his sketchbook. Crippling Captain Cowboy, Oklahoma City’s only superhero, the villains now have free rein of the city and its defenseless inhabitants.

Training under Captain Cowboy, Toby must master his new powers to become the hero that Oklahoma City—and his family—needs in its darkest hour.

Assuming he can stop burning himself with his own powers, that is.

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