Greed (Make Your Own Supervillain Book 5)

Greed (Make Your Own Supervillain Book 5)
Series: Make Your Own Supervillain, Book 5

When your enemy knows your name, the real fight begins.

In Oklahoma City, Toby ‘Wyldfyre’ Miller has always been the city’s beacon of hope. But now, a menacing shadow has cast its ominous presence over the heart of the city. Meet Jackpot, a seemingly invincible crime boss and Meteor Monster. Not only does he run the most dangerous drug cartel in the city, but he’s also privy to Wyldfyre’s deepest secret – his true identity.

The stakes have never been higher for Toby. Jackpot’s criminal empire has infiltrated every corner of Oklahoma City, threatening to plunge it into darkness. As Wyldfyre grapples with his nemesis, he must also protect those he holds dear – his friends and family – who have become Jackpot’s prime targets.

With each twist and turn, Greed will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. In a tale that blurs the lines between good and evil, Wyldfyre faces moral dilemmas and life-changing decisions that will redefine the meaning of justice. Can Wyldfyre prevail against a villain who knows him inside out, or will the darkness engulf Oklahoma City for good?

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