Harrier 3: Invasion: (A Superhero Adventure Series)

Harrier 3: Invasion: (A Superhero Adventure Series)
Authors: ,
Series: Harrier, Book 3

Get ready for an epic showdown in “Harrier 3: Invasion.”

When the unstoppable Tuldarians, dinosaur-like aliens, launch a devastating invasion and defeat Earth’s mightiest protector, it’s clear that humanity’s last hope lies in the unlikeliest of alliances. The world’s greatest heroes and villains must put aside their differences and unite to face this unimaginable threat.

The Anti-Vigilante Acts are history, and now those once forbidden to use their powers are Earth’s last line of defense. Led by Sawyer William Vincent, also known as Black Harrier, these heroes will stop at nothing to save our world—even if it means facing an enemy capable of stripping them of their superhuman abilities.

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