Harrier: Justice: (A Superhero Adventure Series)

Harrier: Justice: (A Superhero Adventure Series)
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Series: Harrier, Book 1

Crimefighting is illegal. Punishable by life in prison beneath the ocean.

That won’t stop Harrier.In a world where crimefighting is a criminal act, and justice comes at the cost of freedom, one masked hero refuses to bow to the law.

Meet Sawyer William Vincent, a man with a mission, and a name that’s more than a mouthful. Once known as Red Raptor, he’s now the enigmatic Black Harrier, New York City’s last hope against the darkness that threatens to consume it.

Blending the best of DC and Marvel with a fresh twist, in a city where vigilantes are hunted, where friends have become foes, and where every punch thrown carries the weight of a life sentence beneath the ocean, Harrier stands undeterred.

Join Harrier as he defies the odds, upholds justice, and fights for a city that may no longer recognize him. In a world where being a hero means being a criminal, Harrier is the beacon of hope the world needs.

Get ready to soar into a superhero epic like no other—because when justice is outlawed, only the Harrier can bring it back.

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