Heart and Hero (The New Heroes Series)

Heart and Hero (The New Heroes Series)
Series: New Heroes Series, Book 1

KARLA has always loved superheroes. Always watching the news on local crime fighters who fly around the capital and save the day. Now if they were only inspiring enough to help her power through her first year at New Hero University, a mysterious school no one seems to know about, tucked away in a city by a mountain.

What Karla didn’t count on was that she enrolled in a school exclusively for superhumans–care of an elaborate scheme made by the country’s superhuman government, The Organization. Suddenly, Karla is caught between being the girl of a prophecy meant to either bridge the secret world of superhumans with the non-supers, or be a threat of destruction to all. But she doesn’t even have any powers yet. As if all that wasn’t hard enough, she’s a fumbling mess in the presence of her crush, Andre.

ANDRE already expected that at the very least his Junior year at New Hero University will be anything but static. After being appointed stand-in leader of Blue Team and getting dumped by his long-time girlfriend, he’s at an all-time low. But when a new mission involves protecting the prophecy girl and ensuring she doesn’t discover the truth of why she’s there, he finds out he’s the last person anyone should trust near someone that important. Especially with his difficulty controlling electric abilities.

But Karla seems to have this strange tendency to wander into his corner. Soon a significant connection between the two leads the Head of the Organization to believe that maybe Andre had something important to do with the prophecy of Heroes as well.


Together, they must work to ensure the safety of all worlds, super or not.

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