Heart of Freedom: A Superhero Romance (Lovin’ Freedom Book 1)

Heart of Freedom: A Superhero Romance (Lovin’ Freedom Book 1)
Series: Lovin' Freedom, Book 1

Adrienne “Miss Freedom” Lawrence is the world’s first and only superhero. Created by the brilliant Dr. Heath, she was still just a child when her parents signed her up for an experimental serum, and her life changed forever. With super speed, inhuman strength, rapid healing, and the ability to leap over buildings in a single bound, she may just be the most incredible creature in the galaxy.

The year is 1985, and Adrienne, at the mere age of twenty-four, spends her time rocking out to Ziggy Stardust and taking down bad guys, all in the name of a safer San Diego. Everything in her life seems perfect, minus being lonely, but winds of luck blow her way when Dr. Heath sends her to check out a crashed aircraft in the bottom of the ocean and she discovers D’oran, a beautiful alien prince on the run from his home planet, Sullivon.

Dr. Heath takes Prince D’oran back to OSI headquarters, determined to study him and discover his real reasons for landing on Earth. The more time they spend together, the more Adrienne realizes she and the Prince have a lot in common. They’re both pretty super, super pretty, and searching for the answers to life, but the Prince is convinced that Dr. Heath isn’t who he claims to be. He warns Adrienne to be careful, but how can she not trust the man who made her what she is?

Desperate for the truth, Miss Freedom has to figure out who she can truly trust in this world, her beloved Prince, or the doctor she’s lived with for over a decade. Either way, she’s certain there’s more to these men than meets the eye…

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