Hellmachine: Onslaught V

Hellmachine: Onslaught V

Series: Onslaught, Book 5
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Superhero Teams, Teens, Vigilantes
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About the Book

The onslaught rolls on

Episode 5:


The streets of New York have a new player, a young upstart, fueled by hatred and his grandfather’s ring. But he’s still got a long way to get to the top and standing in his way and neighbourhood is David and his team.
Meanwhile, David meets an enigmatic young lady named Hope, with a mysterious past. David wants to heal her, but does she want to be healed?

While David begins a new phase in his team’s future, can David fight against this new force from Hell and his own demons?

In South Africa, Emma comes face to face with the truth that she has sought all her life. Will this truth put her in grave danger, and what small part of the Onslaught conspiracy will become clear to her?

Oliver is forced into a bad situation and a new ally shows herself to him, will he stay loyal to family or will his conscience force him to jump ship?

The saga continues in Hellmachine!

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