Hero Complex (City Without Heroes Book 2)

Hero Complex (City Without Heroes Book 2)
Series: City Without Heroes, Book 2
Published: 2018

You do not talk about heroes, villains, or powers. You do and you will disappear.

The Welcoming Committee was a success. New students continued to pour into Larkdale Secondary every week, now all able to easily find their classes, join the clubs they wanted to, and had a support system in case they needed anything. And they nearly stopped getting killed by the city. Nearly.

Many of them were restless, unable to even speak freely outside of the club room, and new transfers came with new ideas about how to deal with the problem of Whitten. With Matt still not recovered from last semester, Indira is hesitant to try anything, but she knows that it’s only a matter of time before one of them decides enough is enough and when they do, they will be killed by the Speckled City.

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