Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains
Series: The Nova Academy, Book 1

I’m Theo, a super genius and would be mad scientist. I am starting my first year in the super sciences program at Nova Academy for Advanced Super Human Studies. Their program is the best in the nation and the school is one of the few that allows both heroes and villains to attend. That’s important because I really do not know which I want to become after I graduate. It really is a tough choice in the world I live.

There are some surprises in my first year. I meet a girl at college, Carly, and she becomes both my new girlfriend and my partner. She is a powerful telepath who turns my understanding of supers upside down when she tells me the best kept secret in the world.

There is also an insane supervillain who kidnaps and enslaves the science students as part of his diabolical plot. I’m not overly excited about rescuing my fellow science students, but someone has to do it and no one else seems to even know the kids are gone.

To have any chance of success, I will need to make some major upgrades to my armor and recruit a team of supers from the Academy.

Nova Academy: Heroes & Villains has had multiple grammar edit runs since its initial publication. If you have one of the early versions on your Kindle and want to read it again, I recommend you contact Amazon Customer Service and request an updated download (they will not do a mass update at Author request unless there has been major story changes).

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