Hidden Potential: Nibiru Rising: Book 1

Hidden Potential: Nibiru Rising: Book 1
Series: Nibiru Rising, Book 1
Published: 2018

After hiding for nearly twenty years, Rick was convinced he’d finally outrun the demons from his previous life. But now the enemies from his past, an organization he’d had a hand in creating, have reappeared, dragging him into the open again and exposing him to a government that didn’t even know he still existed.

Now Reaper, the leader of the organization Rick left on the brink of death when he went into hiding, has returned. Wielding a weapon that closely mimics Rick’s own unique power to absorb and control nearly all forms of potential and kinetic energy, Reaper has not only implicated him in a terrorist attack, but now threatens the very city Rick has grown to love.

Now it’s a race against time, trying to stay one step ahead of the government agency sworn to either capture or kill him, all while trying to stop Reaper from carrying out his plans to destroy the city he calls home. Will Rick’s powers be enough to avert disaster, or will he be forced to watch the place he calls home burn for the sins of his past?

Book 2: Stormfront coming in late April/Early may. Watch for it!

Keywords: Urban fantasy, superhero, action, adventure, mutant, powers, thriller

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