Incursion: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 7)

Incursion: A Sci-fi Technothriller (Zero-Point Awakening Book 7)
Series: Zero-Point Awakening, Book 7

Episode Seven of the Zero-Point Awakening saga.

When war makes the future this uncertain, all you have is each other.

After the arrival of the aliens, the world is in turmoil. World governments struggle to decide whether to cooperate with the aliens’ offers of salvation, while those in the know understand that the Musmahu–snakelike offspring of the Old Gods tasked with destroying the planet–are already here.

Holed up in a mountain retreat designed specifically with the defence of the planet in mind, can the team convince the world to support the aliens in defending the Earth before it’s too late?

Could a teleported kebab possibly taste as good as one delivered by bicyle? Is it sensible to fight a war when you don’t know which side to fight on or even who the real enemy is?

Because now it looks like a threat they thought was dead has the ability to control the snakelike Musmahu and might just hold the key to communicating with the Old Gods themselves.

Incursion is a fast-paced serialized science fiction thriller about genetically modified heroes fighting a war against alien invaders.

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