Indomitable (The Push Chronicles Book 1)

Indomitable (The Push Chronicles Book 1)
Series: The Push Chronicles, Book 1

Irene Roman never wanted to be a hero.

She was just a scientist living an otherwise normal life until one fateful evening and one startling betrayal. An event that, in a literal blink of an eye, changes not only her life, but the future of the entire planet. Overnight, people gain powers and abilities far above those of mortal men and women, acting like superheroes and villains plucked out of a comic book.

Now, these newly empowered beings, the Pushed, battle across the Earth, shattering lives as they pluck mankind’s destiny from its grasp. Witness to it all is Irene, who not only knows the cause of this unbelievable change, but may be the only person with a chance to stop the chaos. But there are legions of heroes and villains alike who stand in her way, all unwilling to give up their new birthright.

Will Irene have the indomitable spirit to fight for humanity’s fate? And if so, what price will she pay to be the hero she never wanted to be?

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