Initialize: A Scifi Progression Fantasy Series

Initialize: A Scifi Progression Fantasy Series
Series: Mod Superhero, Book 1

For this cyborg, power is just an upgrade away.

Emmett was used to being caught between college and his engineering internship, but when he gets caught between a powerful hero and an even stronger villain, he becomes collateral damage. Instead of dying, he wakes up a cyborg—a melding of flesh and machine. Turns out his boss wasn’t just an eccentric inventor, and the old man just gave him a shining opportunity to be a hero.

Except that’s just the beginning, and things are about to get a lot more complicated.

His boss has his own agenda. The boss’s daughter has her own power armor. His roommate works for an evil corporation.

And Emmett is just a Class 1 hero.

Superheroes aren’t just masks—some work for corporations, or for the government and the military, and even as mercenaries in wars. Shadowy cabals pull the strings of hero and villain alike. The city of Belport might be peaceful for now, but most of the world is in turmoil. If Emmett is going to have any chance at making a difference, he needs to get stronger. A lot stronger.

How much of his humanity will he hold onto and how much will he trade away?

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