Invasion: A Novella of the Identity Crisis Universe

Invasion: A Novella of the Identity Crisis Universe
Series: Identity Crisis Universe, Book 0

Earth’s Apex superheroes are thrust onto the frontlines of an interstellar war.

Ballista fled across the stars from the gladiator arenas of her former masters and found solace on Earth. An anti-hero struggling to reconcile her past sins with a new vision for the future, her glaive now fights for the downtrodden, rather than the entertainment of overlords.

Just when she thinks she’s escaped the oppressors of galaxies, an alien vessel appears from the void and enters Earth orbit.

Together with scientist-turned-powerhouse Adam Smasher and the hyper-evolved genius Symian, Ballista once again turns her blade to its deadly purpose. But can even these three heroes of humanity protect one backward world from an entire inhuman legion?

Invasion is a perilous step out of the airlock and into spectacular, cross-genre excitement! Don’t miss this non-stop romp of superhero action and space opera adventure. If you enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxyand Avengers: Infinity War, then this is just the laser blast of sci-fi fun you have been looking for!

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