Khaos: A Superhero Novel (Silke’s Strike Force Book 4)

Khaos: A Superhero Novel (Silke’s Strike Force Book 4)
Series: Silke's Strike Force, Book 4

Only one strike force can stop The Sin Squad from ruling the world and time is running out.

From the moment Silke Butters donned the mask of Karma, she’s faced difficult challenges. But even with full control of her powers, nothing can prepare her for the chaos that is coming.

Karma is a bitch!

Branded an enemy by those closest to her, Karma turns to family. But her sister Honey’s return brings more questions than answers. The truth will catch up to them all as The Sin Squad nears full strength with the revival of their leader Gluttony.

As the world becomes a darker place, people look more and more to heroes. To keep the world from crumbling into chaos, Karma will face difficult choices that she may never recover from.

Khaos is the final chapter in Silke’s Strike Force.

Fans of courageous fantasy heroes will love this twist on the superhero story.

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