Libations for the Dead

Libations for the Dead

Having faked her death to escape the mistakes of her past, Vivienne “Lady Vengeance” Cain only wants to drink away her demons and be left alone… until the kid wanders into her bar with questions.

His name is Marcus Orestes, and he wants to know about his father. Justice, once the world’s greatest superhero. Justice, who died along with the rest of Supergroup. Justice, whose powers the kid seems to have inherited.

And no sooner does Orestes show up than all hell breaks loose. Ninjas, two-bit super thugs, murder bots, and even her niece, the amazing A-Girl, and worse: some sinister force pulling the strings. The dangers are overwhelming, but Vivienne isn’t the type to just lie down and die.

Time to sober up, come out of retirement, and get to the bottom of this…

And Lady Vengeance is all out of bourbon.

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