Series: Marionette, Book 1
Genre: Anti-Hero
Tags: Female Lead, Near Future, Superhero Teams
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About the Book

Captured supervillain Mesmer has a choice: die for her crimes, or repay society by using her mind-control abilities in the service of the American Hero League. The heroes of the AHL look forward to sending her to her execution at the first sign of a moral slip, but Mesmer still follows the “suggestion” of the AHL government liaison, Jones, and chooses life, of a sort…a life of service to the AHL and their sponsors, the totalitarian U.S. government.

Mesmer revels in the fury of battle, and thinks that heroism will leave her with fewer ghosts to bury. But life as a hero doesn’t leave Mesmer time to recover from what she faced in prison, and there are deeper horrors in her past…horrors that made her super in the first place. Horrors that made her villainous. If Jones weren’t there, acting as Mesmer’s moral guide, a future of madness and swift death would be her final legacy.

When Mesmer starts to find clues that the AHL is involved in a sinister conspiracy that could cut the disenfranchised population off at the knees, she must decide… Whose freedom she stands for. Whose safety. And whose version of good. Her life is on the line if she rebels against her keepers. The freedom of a nation is the price if she doesn’t. Evil wasn’t easy. Good will be the death of her.

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