Masks: A Novella of the Identity Crisis Universe

Masks: A Novella of the Identity Crisis Universe
Series: Identity Crisis Universe, Book 0

A doomsday cult has infiltrated Mesa City. Only a motley crew of rookie superheroes stand in their way.

Red Mantis stalks a kidnapping ring, determined to shatter its grip of terror and every bone in its collective body. He may not have powers, but he knows how to fight. And when teenagers disappear from your neighborhood, that’s what you do: You stand up and fight!

Besides, he may be the last hero left in this bleak city.

Mister Wonderful hasn’t been seen in weeks. The Coyote is dead, murdered by cultists of the Never-Ending Serpent. Leaving her partner, Medicine Man, on a mindless rampage and hell-bent on revenge.

And the mysterious Shadow Puppet… Is he even a hero or just another obsessive weirdo in a mask?

This novella also appears in Secret Origins along with five more great tales of the IDCU!

Capes aren’t just for kids anymore! The Identity Crisis Universe (IDCU) takes the comic books you grew up on, gamma-irradiates them, and sets them loose upon the world! Superhero adventure for grown-ups.

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