Monster Madness: Sorceress Super Hero Book 2

Monster Madness: Sorceress Super Hero Book 2
Series: Sorceress Super Hero, Book 2

Monsters are real…a real pain in my butt.

When those monsters start killing folks and threaten to expose the hidden magical world, who are you gonna call?

Nope, not the Ghostbusters. The rulers of the magical world call me, Sage Hawthorne, your friendly neighborhood secret sorceress and wannabe superhero. They give me a choice: risk my neck to eliminate the monster threat or get thrown into prison forever for my crimes against magic.

Accompanied by my mouthy magic cloak and Agatha, my so-called mother who abandoned me as a child, I must stop these monsters from killing more innocents, figure out what dark force made them run amok in the first place, and earn the right to be the world’s only magical superhero.

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