Morning Sun (The Synthetic Wars Book 0)

Morning Sun (The Synthetic Wars Book 0)
Series: The Synthetic Wars, Book 5
Published: 2019

Death couldn’t stop her.

Eleanor Valentine spent her life deciphering visions of the future. She counted the days until she would be murdered by her closest friend. Before the trigger is pulled, she rewrites the fate of eleven would-be heroes in a last-ditch effort to save mankind. But even she doesn’t know the outcome of her meddling.

Who were they before the Nighthawks?

An angel able to read minds. An invisible socialite. A soldier with impenetrable skin. Their destinies should never have crossed. But with her dying breath, Eleanor manipulates a decaying world desperate for heroes. Morning Sun is a collection of short stories featuring characters in The Synthetic Wars.

The Synthetic Wars is a dystopian sci-fi series featuring superheroes. Fans of X-Men and broken futures will love this fast-paced series introducing the Children of Nostradamus Universe.

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