Ms. Infinity: Childhood in Infinity

Ms. Infinity: Childhood in Infinity
Series: Ms. Infinity, Book 4

It’s a strange universe where not even Ms. Infinity herself is safe!

Nancy Proper is no ordinary nanny. Stacy Holstein’s mom refuses to believe her stories of the magical and strange things that Nancy does. Her brother believes her though, and fortunately his girlfriend, Bonnie Boring, is secretly the invincible Ms. Infinity!

When Nancy reveals her evil intentions and kidnaps Stacy, Bonnie tracks her down and discovers Properland, a cartoon pocket universe where the evil Nancy Proper is the god, and she brainwashes children to transform them into her cartoon subjects. But Bonnie is in for another shock. Her powers don’t work there!

An update of vintage superheroes meets a warped version of a childhood classic. The fourth Ms. Infinity adventure takes you to a unique and unforgettable fantasy world full of action, thrills, and humor.

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